Gandalf The Gray

Gandalf The Gray

Of the Order of Wizards, Gandalf the Grey is second only to Saruman the White in power. It is Gandalf who leads the Fellowship until his fall in Moria at the hands of the fearsome Balrog. Gandalf's magical abilities are a great asset to the Fellowship through he is also able to hold his own in a fight. Gandalf is in the following packs:



        F  S D A W C M W FT 

Gandalf 5/- 4 5 1 3 7 3 6 3

Magical Powers: Cast Blinding Light; Command; Immobilise; Sorcerous Blast; Strengthen Will; Terrifying Aura

Wargear: Staff, Glamdring and the ring Narya

Special Rules: Staff of Power; Narya; Glamdring


         Race Type M  F  S D A R C Mt 

Gandalf Spirit Hero - 4/- - - - 3 6 3

Epic Actions: Epic Defence, Epic Renewal, Epic Channelling.

Special Rules: Counsellor, Inspiring Leader (Master), Touched by Destiny

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