Kinsman to Aragorn, Halbarad Dunadan is amongst his closest and most loyal companions. A skilled leader and warrior both, Halbarad assumes command of the Dunedain when Aragorn is abroad in the wilds, and has brought aid to Isildur's heir on more than a single occasion. Halbarad is also in this pack: Arathorn and Halbarad



                 F   S D A W C M W FT 

Halbarad Dunadan 5/3+ 4 5 2 2 6 3 2 1

Wargear: Armour and sword

Special Rules: The Banner of Arwen Evenstar


         Race Type   M  F  S D A R C Mt 

Halbarad Man Infantry - 5/- - - - 2 5 3

Wargear: Halbarad has a Sword, heavy armour and a longbow. Special Rules: Pathfinders (Master), Stalwart, Indomitable, The Valour of Forgotten Arnor, The Banner of the King.

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